Waiting, waiting….

Post 3: It’s Tuesday. 2 days without work. I’m not overly worried. After all, I worked almost every single day last half term seeing as I was on a long-term placement (I did take a couple of days of to go on a pre-arranged trip with family). A quick reassuring read of my records show that this time last year I had only worked 5 days up to the 1st November. So I’m well ahead of schedule! But it doesn’t make me comfortable waiting for those morning calls. I much prefer advance notice. Instead, I have everything ready in my bag and the phone nearby.

At 7.30am that’s where I know that some schools insist on staff contacting the Head if they know they are going to be absent. But when it gets to 7.40 I start to plan what I will do with my day. Everyone else in my house is gone for 8, so I am resigned to spending a day at home. And do you know what? After all the hours I put in on my last placement, working up to 11pm some nights inputting data on Target Tracker or completing my (paper) profiles, I am going to feel no guilt for getting on with jobs or reading books. But if I still have no work into next week, ask me again if I will still be feeling so confident…… Roll on 3.30pm and schools deciding whether or not they need cover for tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting….

  1. I agree that it can be really hard waiting for a call in the morning to hear where/if you’ll be working! Keep up the good attitude and congratulations on starting a new blog about your supply teaching adventures 🙂
    – From a fellow supply teacher


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