And we’re off…..!

Post 4:

Well I finally got a placement today, my first new school in 10 months. It nearly all went wrong….. I was waiting for my phone to ring all morning when I spent the grand total of 1 minute taking my bin back into the garden from the street (collection day). And in that time I missed a call from the agency! I rang them right back but was told the lady booking it was already on the phone giving it to someone else. Oh well, I will learn to keep my phone in my pocket at all times! However, at 10.30am they rang me back and offered me a place for the afternoon. This would be a nice way to ease myself back into the routine. It was a school I have been to before on 3 different occasions. My caller told me that the school had been asking for me quite a few times in the last year but I was tied down to the school I was doing a long term placement in. The school I was going to this afternoon usually use a different agency but they asked for me first every time. How lovely! The only caveat was that this was to be Year 4, older than I normally choose. But I’m not going to turn down a couple of hours’ work and I have taught this age group before.

When I arrived at 12.00 the lady in the office remembered me and told me they’d tried to get me before now. I took a seat as the lunch break wasn’t until 12.15. Now I got the butterflies! It’s been a long time since I even spoke to an older child and I wondered whether it would be ok or not. I made my way up to the room and met the class teacher who was still there. He filled me in on the afternoon which was going to be very straightforward – times table game; copy writing planned work for a display; and reading a story. He warned me there were some challenging children and they don’t respond well to visiting teachers. Super. I set up the equipment but ran out of time for lunch.

He brought me to the playground to bring the children in. When I started chatting to some of them they became very disappointed that they wouldn’t be having their art lesson as they assumed they would be. Thanks a lot supply teacher!! The teacher then proceeded to wait in the classroom until they all sat down and explained who I was and why I was here. He also warned them about behaving. I’ve never had a teacher start the session off for me like that, but I suppose he thought he was just trying to help.

Anyway, after a bit of a tricky start (I had to pick random books to give out as I hadn’t been made clear which children were to have which books) they settled down well. I was told that finishing the writing was the priority so I binned the times tables session. I didn’t have time at the end so just read a story for the last 10 minutes.

Overall it was a fine afternoon. There were no major issues at all and the children were very polite and calm and mainly got on. I didn’t have to raise my voice once. Next door’s TA came in and remarked on how calm they all were.

Hometime came and went. My teacher did not make another appearance so I ate my lunch then sorted all the work out. I left him a long note about how it all went, then left at 3.45pm. Maybe because I hadn’t had lunch or perhaps because it had been a long while since I had to talk so much, but I drove home with an absolutely stinking headache. As of now I still have no news about work tomorrow, but that’s me off and running again!


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