Back in the habit.

Post 5:

Well, a bit of a mixed few days. After my first session on Thursday I received a morning call on Friday at 7.20am. By the time I had got into the car and punched in the details on my sat nav I received another call…….the school had cancelled.     : (      It happens – not very often but still annoying to have myself all geared up to go. Needless to say, there were no more calls that day. I always stay positive and there are worse days to have off than a Friday!

Monday brought a morning call, at 7.30am. And it was for a school only 10 minutes drive away. I had also been to this school before, about a year ago. This was for a Reception class and it was for all day. The Head teacher brought me in to the class and set up the register on the computer then left me to it. I found a timetable on the wall but no specific planning. I familiarised myself with the room and set up some tasks like a name writing table and some motor skills work. At 8.30am the TA arrived. She was very nice and together we worked out some specific plans (the T was ill and therefore hadn’t left anything specific). We were to get the children to write something about bonfire night so I quickly whipped up a worksheet.

The children arrived at 9 and the parents came in to stay and play. This class like to do a Wake Up and Shake Up routine but I quickly found out that the parents prefer to watch us dance rather than join in! Good job I lost my embarrassment gene a long time ago when it comes to being a teacher, and I danced along with the children to the video on screen.

The day went really well. There were no behaviour issues and the children worked very hard with me. I called 3 children at a time throughout the morning to do the writing with me. I shared in play outside for an hour and a half too.

At hometime I gave everybody a reward sticker and they all skipped happily home. The TA said they had been excellent today, especially a couple of children who had behaviour issues. I stayed til 4.15pm to put up the writing as part of a display, then typed up some observations onto Tapestry (an electronic version of EYFS profiles).

When I got home I immediately had another call to go back there on Tuesday as the T was still not going to return. They had liked what I did. So there I was today and because I was now familiar with the routines I was able to come in this morning and set up the classroom how I wanted it. I prepared some Circle Time work and some addition problems for maths. At the end of the day the children said they were very happy which I was delighted with. I stayed again until 4.15pm chatting to the TA who was very proud of the children!

Before I left school I received a call from my agency who said I’d been asked specifically to work in a school I’d been to before, this time for 2 weeks. That’s a good stretch and it will give me a bit of stability. An older class (Year 3) but still looking forward to it. It’s nice to be getting back in the habit again!


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