Messed about!

Post 6:

Well, another unpleasant and unexpected update. At 7pm last night I received a call from my agency saying that the 2 week placement wouldn’t be happening. Apparently the school have just changed their mind. Just like that. They decided to go with someone else. And after me just saying in my last post that cancellations rarely happen (for me). The woman who deals with my appointments was so apologetic (hence the late call, obviously calling from her home) that they were sending a formal complaint to the head of that school – even if that means I suppose they could be burning their bridges with that school.

So here I am at 8.15am sitting in my front room at home waiting for another call. It snowed here last night, not too thick that I wouldn’t struggle, but enough to make me think schools probably won’t need anyone especially if child numbers are down. Oh well, I’m quite a positive person and have to make the best of it. The 2 week placement would have taken over an hour to get to (each way) and things are meant to happen for a reason…..aren’t they?



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