Early call

Post 7:

An early call for work today – very early: 7.05am. The school must be keen! For a Year 1 class all day. Due to the early call I was able to get there at my leisure and in good time. I have been to this school twice before but not for a long time. It is on a council estate a little bit notorious in this city but my recollections are that it was fine both previous times. When I got there the Head Teacher showed me to the room. It was only 8am so nobody was in. There was no planning anywhere in view (the teacher had an emergency so probably left work the previous night thinking she’d be in). When I used to be a permanent teacher my plans were always stuck to the walls for visiting teachers and my TAs, but also mainly for SMT who often came wandering in for a learning walk. As I couldn’t see the plans I started to look through the books.

After 10 mins or so the other Year 1 teacher came in. She said she recognised me from last year when I taught alongside her in Reception. I told her she had a good memory! She was lovely and gave me all the Smartboard slides for the day’s lessons. The TA arrived soon after and he gave me a bit more information about the class.

As the day went on the lessons were fine – some children had challenging behaviour but we managed them fine with lots of praise etc. A different person teaching them usually buys a bit of time as they get to know you a bit. What was noticeable though was that at various times through the morning lots of adults came in with clipboards and started sitting with the children and asking them things; they also wrote notes on what was going on. Nobody had warned me of this so I assumed it was senior management doing a learning walk. However, I found out later that these people were actually here for an interview and this was part of their task! There was a job going in another class. Now here’s the funny thing……the HT came in to speak to me later to say that these people were on an interview and that was why they were in my room; but then she whispered to me, “But we’re not being impressed by many of them so we may be looking at a long term supply post instead” and she raised her eyebrows at me! Ha! Make of that what you will!

Also at lunch time my agency rang offering me a long term placement from January in a school I hadn’t been in before. But I turned it down immediately as I’d just come off a 10 month placement and didn’t want to commit to that time again.

The afternoon went quickly and without fuss. All in all it was a really nice day and the children were lovely. Staff were supportive too – I got a chocolate biscuit off the teacher next door at home time! It can sometimes make all the difference. I had a lot of marking to do (we did non chronological reports and number bonds to 7 as well as some guided reading notes) but I did a lot of it at lunch time so I was able to leave at 4.10. Unfortunately no work set up for next week so I’ll be getting up on Monday morning waiting for that dreaded call again….


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