Morning calls

Post 8:

I’ve been a bit busy so I’ll write 2 posts here. On Monday morning I got a call at 7.45 to go teach a nursery class in a large school I’ve been to before (twice). Traffic was a bit crazy and I didn’t get there til 8.30. Some nursery classes start at 8.30 so I was panicking wee bit but luckily I still had 15 minutes. Some of the staff remembered me from last time (over a year ago) and we had a sit-down meeting about the day. I cannot stress how much this staff were so lovely and supportive. The children were lovely – as this was a very multicultural school, some of the children could not speak clear English but they showed me lots of affection and behaved superbly all day. I spent a good deal of the morning outside and we made collages from the thousands of leaves which had blown in from all around the overhanging trees. This school is smack-bang right in the middle of one of the most built-up urban areas of the UK (I used to live here so I know that useless fact!) yet it has a lovely outdoor area with a few overhanging trees. One of the best outside areas I’ve seen given the circumstances.

In the afternoon I shared in some play at the playdough area before going outside again. We finished off the day with some songs and stories. Throughout the day I had done 16 observations, all on post-it notes. As this school use Tapestry I volunteered to type the whole lot onto the system. Therefore I did not get finished until 4.20pm. The teacher was delighted that I was even making the effort and I had a really nice chat with her too about our experiences. Tapestry – for those who don’t know- is an electronic version of the paper profiles staff are expected to keep of each child, with lots of observations and photos. These can be uploaded and shared via text/email to the parents. 2 of the staff took some time to show me parents’ feedback and comments which were really interesting. Overall I really enjoyed today and felt it all went well.

No phone call that evening so another wait in the morning (Tuesday). A call did come, again at 7.45am. This time for a school 10 minutes’ drive away. I’ve done a lot of work here before in various classes, including a week block to cover for a teacher on residential. But I haven’t been here for a year and a bit due to my long placement since December. Today it was for a Reception class. Immediately the 2 TA’s remembered me so we got off to a good start. There is nothing much to say about today except it was one of those days where everything went perfectly and was so stress-free. The children were a delight, really engaging, liked to listen and enjoyed it when I sang with them (I always have a sing-song! I love it!). I had work left for me to do which was to do a maths task with every child individually and make brief notes. When I finished that I did some individual handwriting and taught phonics (Phonics was a scheme called Read, Write, Inc which I’ve used a few times before and the children seem to like it. They did some excellent CVC blending anyway). At hometime the TAs left straight away and I felt so guilty about leaving so early (there was no marking to do and I left notes ready) I gave it 10 minutes to let the parents get away first!

Wednesday morning now and it is just after 8.30am and no call, so it seems highly unlikely I’ll get work today now. Oh well….


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