First-time visit.

Post 9:

Thursday was a funny old morning. The previous night I just happened to check my email at 5.40pm after a day of no work, when I saw a message from my agency saying be available on Thursday morning. Well, the call came finally that morning at 8am but it was for a Year 4 class. Now I have done Y4 a few times but I didn’t enjoy it as much as KS1 or FS classes so I reluctantly turned it down; but this wasn’t even the school I was told about last night – THAT school decided this morning they didn’t need me! I felt a bit guilty turning the work down; it’s very rare that I do. But 5 minutes later when I least expected it I got another call, this time for a Year 2 class and only 3 miles from where I live. It was for a school I have never been to before, the first new school for me in over a year, so I was very excited! That excitement turned to panic when I got caught in a traffic jam, but it cleared and I made the school by 8.40 (15 mins before it started). But then it turned out they thought they didn’t need me, they were expecting someone else. What a palaver! I was about to go home very cross when it all got sorted, they were thinking of another supply teacher who had cancelled. I was led up to the classroom.

This was a village school but it was a 1960’s type building so didn’t feel as old as I expected it to be. The y2 teacher was unexpectedly ill so no work was left; however, the deputy HT who brought me up said we were doing anti-bullying week and there was a timetable on the wall. I also spoke very quickly to the (lovely and helpful) TA and between us we quickly came up with some lesson ideas (I actually had some anti-bullying resources for just such an occasion. Good job I always bring a couple of bags!).

In all I had a very enjoyable day. There were only 22 children and they were very well behaved and attentive. They joined in well and did some excellent work for me, including partitioning TU in maths and some writing to go with the anti-bullying work. I even taught PE for the 1st time since the summer and the children loved it. I did too! At the end of the day there was an assembly where parents were invited so I stood up and joined in when I had to pick an achievement winner.

After school I was doing a load of marking when the HT came in. She said I’d done really well (how did she know??) and that they’d like me back tomorrow! Brilliant, especially as I know the class routines etc now. She did say that there were a few distractions tomorrow though – some interviews for a TA (so they’d be coming for a look round the classes); an open morning for prospective new parents (again, they could walk around); and fund-raising for BBC Children In Need, so I would have to come in my pyjamas! Ha! (Well, she said I didn’t have to, but I said no problem, I would do, it would be fun!).

Going to school on a Friday is nearly always fun. There is a more laid back air to schools I feel, especially those who have things like Golden Time or reward assemblies. I don’t think I would ever turn down a Friday job! And when I knew where I was going beforehand, like today, it makes the mornings so less stressful. I arrived in plenty of time. The ill teacher had emailed me a lesson (bless her!) so I printed that out at home and copied it today. And yes, I was wearing my jim-jams with my huge dressing gown complete with teddy bear sat in my pocket….

The children were happy to see me again but they were a bit less calm due to all the dressing up and buns they’d brought in for a sale. It took a while to settle. I made up another maths lesson and followed the emailed plan for English. In the afternoon the Rec and KS1 classes met in the hall to sing and practice their Christmas production songs – my 1st one this year. They were getting tired by the end though and it had been indoor play all day due to the rain. After a short art lesson I let them choose for the last 20 minutes or so before all the home time stuff.

I enjoyed coming to this school. The secretary said I’d made a good impression (again, how?? Nobody saw me teach! The TA was out most of today) and maybe that means they’ll ask me back again. I hope so; this was a very pleasant school to teach in, all the staff were friendly and chatted to me in the class, corridor and playground. Being 10 minutes’ drive does no harm either!

No call tonight for Monday though, so another morning to come waiting by the phone…..


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