Short week but long days.

Post 10:

Usually, when it gets to about 8am I am pretty sure the chances of work go down to almost zero chance. I also sort of get it into my head that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have a day off. Therefore when the call came at 8.21am this Monday morning my heart slightly sank because it also means it is such short notice to get to a school and therefore have time to sort out what I’m doing. However I was very fortunate that this late call was for a very close school and I leapt straight out of the house and I made it for 8.35am. I realised it was 3 years since I last came to this school so I didn’t really have a clear memory of what it was like.

It was for Reception and I quickly found out that the teacher had come in but went home ill, hence the late call. I only had 10 minutes to get myself sorted. The TA was very helpful and she quickly gave me some planning, but the start of the day was disrupted because we couldn’t get the sims register working and 4 children came in hysterical and I had to take them all from their parents and console them. Despite the hectic (actually…..mental!) start to the day I managed to do some good teaching throughout the morning with the support of the lovely Foundation staff. 2 of them recognised me from a previous school they had taught in and they said some kind and complimentary things which helped with the day.

The afternoon went smoothly enough and there were no more tears. We finished the day by joining together with the other Rec class and Nursery and sang songs for their Christmas production. It was a busy and exhausting day with no let ups, but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

And for a change I actually got an advance call about work the next day…..

So on Tuesday morning I went to a school I had not been to before. It was in a very deprived area of the city but the school has a good reputation. I was covering a Year 2 class today. The school was huge (later I would get lost trying to find the toilet!). As I was reading through the welcome notes (this school are very organised and give supply teachers lots of information. Laminated!) a voice behind me called my name. The teacher recognised me from many previous assignments from her last school. She made me feel very welcome and was so helpful setting up lesson slides with me. The TA was also a star, helping me with information and support throughout the day.

I really enjoyed the work today. The children presented me with no problems and all and were eager to learn and join in. The staff without exception were friendly, supportive and quite sociable, asking me if there were any things I needed. I’m almost tempted to break with the anonymity and name the school! At one point the Head Teacher came in and after watching me for a bit and chatting to his colleague who had seen me teach earlier, he proceeded to informally offer me a job! I politely declined but thanked him for the offer. This is not the 1st time this has happened. If anyone is reading this and is thinking about going into supply teaching, what I have found is that if you teach well and especially so if you come to a school several times you are very likely to be offered jobs or asked to do long-term placements. This makes sense because they actually see you teaching and if they like what they see they have first hand evidence; why interview someone who answers well and then turns out to struggle when doing the job? At the very least, you may not accept a job but they remember you and get you back for repeat work. I had a lot of marking to do and wanted to leave appropriate comments for the children following the school’s marking policy, so I stayed for over an hour completing it.

I now have 2 days off as I am going away for a couple of days to see family, so I have nothing for Friday. Yet……



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