Old haunting ground.

Post 11:

Whilst travelling back from my day off visiting family yesterday (Thursday) I got a call to go to another new (for me) school. This one is in the area of the city where I was brought up, though still about a 20 minute walk from my actual own childhood street. I felt I knew the area well. However when I got to the actual site – like many many times – I actually realised I never even knew this school existed! You never really take notice when schools are tucked away in a maze of terraced houses like this one is.

So I was here nice and early at 8am as I knew where I was going beforehand. I was shown into the Reception class where I was to teach. The TA was already in setting up and together we went through the planning which was left. The teacher was off ill as there was a bug going round. She wasn’t kidding!! (See later…..) The TA was very nice and it turned out she lives a couple of streets away from my old home so we had a good chat about that.

This school lets the parents come in very early (8.30am) to stay and play so it was a good job I WAS in at 8. Most of the children/families spoke Polish or Czech so it is valuable time for them to come in and chat with the teacher. I took on that role this morning and I deliberately stood at the outside door to welcome everyone individually. The children seemed excited to be having a new visitor.

The day proceeded without any problems really in terms of the work done. Some schools have a policy of letting the children totally dictate the learning and you follow them through their play; some schools prefer to still let the children play but will also call individuals/groups to specifically do a task with the children. This school did the latter. So throughout the morning I called 3 children at a time to work with me and do a practical maths task (which today was the concept of ‘1 more’). I had to stop early as one child projectile vomited all across the floor! We used some of that crazy white powder stuff which dries up puke and you can just sweep it away.

That was not the last of the sick…..during the final assembly 2 more from my class threw up causing chaos in the hall right before home time! And 2 MORE threw up their guts in the toilet as we opened the door for the parents. We were running a bit late now! Definitely a bug going around!

The DHT came tome partway through the afternoon and said that they were very pleased with my teaching and that they would like me to come back on Monday to teach the same class again. Obviously I said yes, but I hope all the children with tummy bugs are feeling 100% this time!



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