Year 3 class.

Post 12:

So on Monday I returned to the school I was at on the previous Friday. There was no sickness bug today thankfully! This time the Reception class teacher was in – she had lost some of her non-contact time so they were paying it back to her through me covering the class. It’s always nice to have a chat with the teacher but I feel self-conscious when they are popping in and out all day. But there  major issues with this class (that I know of) so she was welcome to do so.

The day went by fine, with breaks to sing their Nativity play practice (it was very good and they were so sweet) and discussions about a church they were to visit tomorrow. Nothing major of any note to report. Therefore a good day!

Today (Tuesday) I went to another school for my 1st time. Year 3 today. I got there for 8.05 and good job I did too. The teacher had kindly left some notes for the day but they were very brief and not really clear. There was no information about how to log onto register or access the resources so I had to ask the other Year 3 teacher next door to help. The planning was clear for maths but not at all clear for English (it was a 3-page photocopy of a scheme they use. I didn’t know which bit they were to do!). I am quite good at thinking on my feet but it wasn’t until the TA came in with 10 minutes to spare that I felt a bit more sorted.

The children were very nice all day (I’d been warned this was a ‘tough’ school but I got through the day without any major problems). The day had a couple of hiccups – 3 children joined the class for the first time from other schools (!) and as I led the class to the hall for PE at 1.15 I was stopped by a teacher who saw us passing and she said, “Oh no, did no-one tell you? We’re using the hall for our Christmas play practice!” Er, no, I wasn’t told but thank you for the heads up!! So we did an about-turn and I had to wing it for a class of disappointed (and fully kitted) children. We finished the day with a KS2 Christmas song melody in the hall. Just as my voice was going…..

All in all, a fine day. Stayed until 4.20pm marking the Literacy, Maths and Science we did.



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