More Christmas Practices

Post 14:

Friday 2 December 2016. A very early call today (7.05am) with work meant that I have now worked every day this week. It was back to the school I taught at on Tuesday for the 1st time. Today I was told it was for Year 1. However, on my arrival I was told it would be Year 1 in the morning and Year 5 in the afternoon. I really really don’t like doing above Year 3 so it played on my mind a bit. I had to tell myself to man up!

Apparently the teacher was off unexpectedly so I could find nothing in the classroom in terms of plans or timetables. In fact it got to 8.30 and I still hadn’t seen a sign of another human. I would have to make something up. But then the Year 2 teacher popped in and at least he set up the register on the computer for me. There was also to be – guess what? – a Christmas play practice after playtime!! [See my Post 13 to see how much fun they have been this week!]

Assembly to start with and the children did great walking in and back. But then we did Read Write Inc (phonics) but I had no planning and had to make it up. I also found that when I returned to the room to teach this to my small group (mixed from 4 classes) that there was another teacher in my room at the back teaching a group of about 15 children. Apparently this is normal so I felt quite self conscious trying to teach a lesson that I was doing on the fly. I got away with it.

After playtime we went straight into the other class where we joined 3 other classes to have a practice. This was a bit chaotic but nothing on the scale of the previous 2 days! And then the children went straight for their dinner. So I felt that I’d barely taught the class at all. I felt a bit of a fraud taking the money. Still did though!

At lunchtime I made my way to the Year 5 classrooms. But the teachers there had no idea why I was there. In this school all the teachers have PPA (non contact) time on a Friday afternoon and it is covered by TAs and HLTAs. Therefore they said I wasn’t needed. I double checked at the office who said they will check with the HT. I sweated as I waited, thinking it’ll probably be bloody Y6 knowing my luck. As it turned out they said just to go home.

Now there are 2 ways of looking at this: I had myself an extra half day off now and there are worse afternoons to have an early finish than a Friday; the other side of this is that I lost half a day’s pay. If my agency knew that I was only going to get a half day they could have saved me for another school and got a full day. This hasn’t happened to me a lot thank goodness and I don’t bear the school any malice, it could have been a genuine mistake. But at the end of the day I was given wrong information and I’m out of pocket for it. One of the down sides to supply. As I write this I have no pre-booked work for Monday morning so it’s a waiting game by the phone for me. But I’ll put money on I get a call from one of the schools I’ve been to this week. Just a feeling….


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