2 Days of bliss.

Post 16:

Tuesday & Wednesday 6/7 December 2016. Two pre-booked days in this school, where I taught last week for the first time and had a bit of a stressful time with the Year 3 & 4 Christmas play practice. These last two days have shown how much different it can be in the Foundation Stage. I had a lovely time in Reception and the children were very well behaved and we got a lot of learning done. They were off timetable as some staff were getting trained on using Read, Write, Inc (a phonics scheme).I was outside all morning on Tuesday and it was bitterly cold – my feet were numb after 2 hours. In the afternoon I stayed inside and did lots of observations. Lots of the boys wanted me to read with them too and it was a pleasure to watch them enjoying talking about books and looking at pictures. On Wednesday it was a reversal of Tuesday’s timetables.

On both nights I stayed behind to type up all my observations onto Tapestry (the online profiling system) which was greatly appreciated. I really should have popped into Year 3 before I left as I am going to cover that class for 2 weeks starting next week; but I thought what’s the point? I’ll only probably volunteer myself to do extra work knowing me so I took a rare selfish decision and just went home at half four. I’ll turn up early on Monday and see what happens then!


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