Christmas Week

Post 18: 12-16 December 2016.

This was the start of a two-week placement for me in one school. It was to cover a paternity leave in Year 3. I have been in this school a few times recently (see earlier posts; mainly ok but there’s a disorganised vibe that I will elaborate on a bit more in a minute). Anyway, there was an outline of planning left for me but nothing too specific. Literacy was basically a photocopy of the Read, Write, Inc scheme and Maths was “teach money”! The afternoons were left to me to do my own thing. I actually prefer it when this option is given because it mean I don’t have to be a slave to specific planning or worry about getting things done to a deadline.

I’m not going to slavishly go over everything I taught but generally in the mornings I had to teach Maths and English and that all went fine. In the afternoons I did some PE (with a coach who was nothing special really; he just made the children play ‘tig’ games and repeated a lot of what he already did) and made Christmas decorations. The other things off-timetable were: a guy from Google came and taught us how to use virtual reality goggles and to walk on the moon and explore Rome – the children (and I!) adored this lesson! I taught the children about Hanukkah; and we had our own class Christmas party on the last Friday afternoon which was a lot of fun.

This class are absolutely lovely and give me no management issues really. The same can’t be said of the other classes I’m afraid. I had to join up the other Year 3 class a couple of times and they are very hard work (I had to teach them the other week and it was a long day!). A shame as it only takes a couple of characters in an otherwise lovely class to turn your day. And on the last day, every class joined in the hall for a Christmas sing along. Well, behaviour was terrible and even with all the staff in the hall it took several attempts to make all the children quiet. Several members of staff were also leaving today but the children did not stay quiet for long enough for any of them to have a decent speech. It was doing my nut in, but all I could do was make sure the children near me stayed quiet. It was very draining.

After school I got a call to ask would I stay on the week after my final paternity cover week. It was for the other Year 3 class whose teacher left today. They haven’t replaced her yet! I can see this being one of those situations where I will be asked to stay for a week. Then another week. And another….. That’s happened to me before and it is not ideal for anyone, least of all the children. That particular class need a constant in their life.

But anyway, for the moment this has been a good week. I enjoy having a class to myself again, even though I bring marking home every night and will have to plan Maths and English for both Year 3 classes over the holidays. Boo, hoo, poor me! What a moaner! ; )

Have a happy Christmas break if you happen to read this. I hope 2017 brings you lots of happiness!!!


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