Happy New Year!

Post 19: Tue 3 Jan – Fri 6 Jan 2017

Dragging myself back to work after the 2-week Christmas break is never fun but once we were all in you just get on with it. I had spent a day during the hols planning and marking work from the previous week. I had done extra planning for the other class as I knew there would be another supply teacher in there and didn’t want to leave them high and dry. He was very appreciative of the plans and we supported each other as the week went on, sharing resources and helping each other out.

Again, like the week before we broke up, I had a good week with my class. Knowing that their regular teacher was coming back next week meant that I had to get all my work completed. It was a good week for me but as the week drew to a close I had that feeling of wanting to move on again. In the 4 years I have done supply teaching this urge comes in now and again especially if I am in a school for about 2 weeks or more. I really enjoy going to new places, meeting new children and adults, and working across the different age ranges. On Thursday the HT spoke to me and said they would not need me next week after all (in my previous diary post I recalled that they wanted me to stay on for another week in the other Year 3 class). They were getting a supply teacher who was able to stay long term or until they could fill the post. In my opinion it is vital that they get someone in permanently because that class are hard work and need consistency – different supply teachers just will not cut it. It is not fair on the children. As I am unable to take on a long term post at this time I was relieved to hear I would not be coming back next week. However, the HT very graciously told me they would always ask for me for single-day placements as they have been very happy with my work. It sent me home feeling very happy.

So on Friday afternoon I said goodbye to the children. It feels like I’ve been here much longer than 2 weeks due to the break in the middle. They were happy that their own teacher was coming back but I still got a couple of cuddles on the way out!


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