Short week

Post 20: Thursday – Friday 12/13 January 2017.

I only worked a day and a half this week. On Monday and Tuesday I wasn’t feeling the best and on Wednesday no call came. I did get work on Thursday but halfway there I pulled over to take a call and was told that they only needed me for half a day instead of a full day. No point turning round and refusing it so I kept going.

This was a village school and I taught here once about 2 years ago and I recall that it was a very nice day. And so it turned out to be again. I was shown to the Year 2 class and the room was in a bit of a state: paper everywhere, the teacher’s desk hidden under mountains of worksheets. The HT came in and explained that this class teacher had had a lot of absences so the class were not really getting any structure or continuation. The teacher WAS in previously this week but had called off sick again today. The HT told me to do my own thing which was fine, but as I was preparing the TA came in and she showed me the actual planning. We decided it was better for the children to continue with this.

It turned out to be an absolutely lovely morning. The children were very polite and well behaved and worked very hard for me. There was a whole school singing session before playtime and not one single child misbehaved; a complete contrast to my previous school! As I left (at 1.10pm due to all the marking I did) the HT said he may need me to return tomorrow but that he would let me know…..

……and that call came on Friday morning at 6.25am!! Crazy early!! So back I went and had another really enjoyable day. I taught Art all afternoon which was a right treat as I rarely get to do that any more. At home time the HT asked me to come in again on Monday. I am already booked for 4 different schools next week so I am going to see a lot of new things!


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