Reception days.

Post 22: Thu/Fri 19/20 January 2017.

Two full days in Reception classes in 2 different schools. On Thursday I was back at a school where I haven’t taught in over 2 years; yet previously I actually did a fair bit of work here and they wanted me to stay full time but I said no. It was a bit of a manic school I remember – I was teaching a mixed Year 3-4 class and they were very hard work. They had had a succession of different supply teachers and they were just getting no consistency at all. Therefore they were not giving respect to anyone who was teaching them. This was because their teacher was on sick leave and was getting signed off week after week so the school was unable to hire anyone long term. I have seen this happen on several occasions and I am so sorry for the school because their hands are tied in a way. Anyhow, 2 years ago I stayed for 4 weeks, longer than any other teacher and the school were very pleased with my work. But I just couldn’t commit to long term at the time and regretfully had to tell them I could no longer stay. I felt so guilty about it but really I went into supply teaching so that I didn’t have to commit to anywhere.

So here I was again, this time in Reception. It was a tricky start as an outline of planning was left but no resources to be found. When the TAs came in they knew it was on the laptop screens which was locked in a cupboard so we got there in the end. I taught PE and phonics in the morning and did observations on 2Simple (online EYFS profile) in the afternoon. A good day.

On Friday I was back at the school I was at on Tuesday, in Reception again but based in one of the other classes. We had an assembly first where the children (from many classes) were not really at their quietest. But the rest of the day was very straight forward and we got plenty of observations done.


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