Full week in one class

Post 23: 23-27 January 2017.

This was a full week in one school which was pre-arranged. It was for the school where I did nearly a year’s long term placement and finished in October, so I was very familiar with the school. However as this was to cover Years 1 & 2 (mixed age group) it still felt like new. The teacher was in when I arrived at 8am – she was going on residential with the Year 5s later that day. It took nearly an hour to work out all the planning because they move children around for ability groupings.

There were no major problems during the week. I taught most of the children last year so knew them well. The children were more familiar with the routines so I didn’t let the constant changing around stress me out at all. I left them to it and just taught who sat with me! Lots of marking took up my evenings though.

This school have asked me to consider another long term placement in Foundation Stage during the summer term. Normally I would say no but because I am very familiar with this place I said I would consider it. It would only be for 3 days a week so I would still be free to teach in other schools on Thursday and Fridays if I needed to. Watch this space….


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