Dry Stretch

Post 25: 24-27 February 2017

I had no work for the 1st 4 days of the new half term, so combined with the holiday I went without work (and therefore pay) for nearly 2 weeks. A dry stretch indeed. It was partly due to the fact my car was out of action for the best part of a week due to somebody hitting me. Although it was his fault and he paid up without (too much) fuss it still inconvenienced me as I had no alternative but to get public transport for a few days. The area that I live in is on the outskirts of a city so I cannot realistically go to work at very short notice (not without being late) so I asked for advance notice work only for a few days. I only got this on the Friday, the 24th Feb. I do not wish to make it sound like I can only get jobs if I had a car – I have used the train and bus a few times before, but always with a bit of planning the night before. This isn’t London I live in where I have a multitude of public transport options at a few minutes’ notice; where I live, buses and trains only run every half hour or 20 minutes or so. It was a factor I had to take into account when I decided to become a supply teacher. 

The Friday school was for Reception class in a school I have been to twice before in the last 2 weeks. I am becoming a semi-regular here (indeed, I am returning here in the week of the 27th Feb). As I am becoming more familiar with the children and routines I can get on with things with minimal fuss. I find that schools like you if you try to use your initiative and don’t bombard them with too many questions. Storm Doris was in full swing so it was blustery weather outside (safe enough to take the children out though) and I got pretty wet. But the children don’t even feel the cold!!

I got my car back on Friday evening so on Monday morning I got a fairly late call (8am) to teach in a Year 1 class. I did panic a wee bit when I got stuck in a traffic jam but I got there with 15 minutes to spare.

I taught here once before, 4 weeks ago. The DHT met me at the entrance and said they’d asked specifically for me. In fact she wanted me to stay all week but I have already been booked for the rest of the week in 2 other schools so she seemed quite disappointed with that! The other Y1 teacher had printed me out some planning so I quickly looked at it and got my head round what we were doing in the morning (the afternoon could wait). I had 2 lovely TAs who were very supportive and were surprised at how well the children behaved. I had a lovely day, including doing a whole-class music lesson with percussion instruments for the last hour of the day. I would be more than happy to keep coming back here; the staff seem very supportive, and of each other too due to the high number of children with behavioural problems. You can just tell when people are happy, just from the atmosphere around.



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