Calm Before The Storm

Post 27: 6-7 March 2017.

On Monday I went to a new school (again, by ‘new’ I mean new for me). I was to teach Reception in an infant school (ie there was only Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children). The atmosphere was unlike many a school I had been to before. I really do think that the calmness about the place was due in part to the fact there were no older children who were disrupting things. Also it was a Victorian built school so had old classrooms and a tiny hall which added to the atmosphere. I really liked it today but honestly felt like I’d stolen a wage – the teacher had left work to be done and the children were so calm and well behaved that there were no problems whatsoever. The class even had  PE coach for an hour and he was so good with the children that I didn’t have to intervene much at all! I would love to come back here. Contrast to Tuesday’s school……

Tuesday 7 March. If you read my previous blog you will know that I’ve agreed to take a Y2 class in a school until the Easter break. It was a tough day with them on Friday but mostly due to the disruption of 1 or 2 children with behavioural needs and a lack of routine in place to deal with them. Also I have to do my own planning because there is no long term planning to use. There is another supply teacher in the other y2 class who has given me some maths planning but she doesn’t know what routines are either (even though she has been here since September).

The morning was fine. I used positive praise and rewards for the boys with not as much disruption as there was on Friday (the TA told me that yesterday was ‘dreadful’ and that was when the regular school HLTA took the class in my absence). The maths planning was far too hard for them so I amended it as I saw fit (and will have to do so for the rest of the week). The afternoon wasn’t helped when there were no passwords available for our ICT slot in the suite and then at afternoon playtime one of the boys did a runner out of the playground and I was out on my own. Brilliant. I spent 45 minutes after school trying to find resources so that I can start guided reading for this class for the first time this year. God love them when they do the reading SATs later! I have spent hours at the weekend and tonight redoing planning that I am happy with and that will accommodate this class. It will be a long 4 weeks!


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