Familiar Ground

Post 29: 18-19 April 2017

The Easter holidays have finished. For the rest of the year I have committed myself to a school I have been to many times before, but only for Mondays to Wednesdays. I will be teaching the Nursery class. I started the year off in this class, doing a full half term (September – October) so it will be nice to finish off the year with the children I started with and come full circle. I will still be free to work elsewhere on Thursdays and Fridays so this works well for me.

Monday was a bank holiday, so Tuesday was my first day. It was a training day so a good way to settle myself in. Doing supply work means it is now a very rare occurrence for me to receive training and updates on the profession so I like them even when other staff find them a bit boring. Half of the day was familiarising myself with the planning, profiles, new staff etc.  I’m looking forward to it!

The children returned on Wednesday. Most recognised me and remembered me, including lots of the parents, so that was good. It is reassuring for the parents to know that the person taking over for the rest of the year is someone they already have experience of.

The day went fairly quickly with no major incidents. Fingers crossed it will continue like this!


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