Home Visits

Post 30: 24-26 April 2017

I did not get any work on Thursday and Friday last week so I only worked 2 days. This week was my first proper stretch in the Nursery class, but it was a transition period for me: the teacher who is leaving was still in and we met several times to do admin and planning.

On Monday I spent a good part of the day out of class phoning parents to arrange home visits (the school can offer 3 places immediately for those on the waiting list). The majority of our intake come from families where they have arrived from abroad such as refugees or asylum seekers, so their English is not that great at times. But still, we managed to arrange 3 home visits over the 1st few days.

I loved doing the home visits back in September. It is valuable experience for me and it gives an insight into how people live. It’s fascinating chatting to families about their life stories. I took a TA with me and we spent about half an hour in each home. I did the paperwork part whilst the TA played with the child. The families spoke enough English for us to get the paperwork done. Each family was told their child could come for a pre-visit the following day and the child would start gradually until they were happy enough to be left for the 3 hours session. As these families were new to the UK they all had older siblings who were present in the house who had no school to go to as they had missed the deadline for applications. They are going to have to apply and take what is left, which inevitably will mean a long journey for some as the nearest schools are full. I felt really sorry for them, but it was us who were giving them this information as they were unsure of what to do.

I also helped with the planning for the next few weeks as my last act with the leaving teacher. As I left on Wednesday I thought to myself, it’ll be all mine from now on and the buck will stop with me!


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