Lots of Observations

Post 32: Monday 8 – Wednesday 10 May 2017

The Foundation Unit of the school is going to trial electronic profiling later in the term, but for now it is still paper-based. As I am going to be doing the assessments in a couple of weeks I have to get to know the children in my key worker group as fast as possible; which means I need to get as much evidence as I can. So I have been very busy doing lots of observations and assessing. I like to assess on a daily basis, whereas others save all theirs up to a weekend or even a half term. But I couldn’t cope with doing all of that in one go, it would take over your life at that time. And what if we got Ofsted-ed? They would only have a day’s notice to update their profiles!

In this school, assessment means cross-checking evidence with the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters handbook. We colour code the evidence, so if a child does something at 22-36 months we give it a red dot. I’ve done lots of assessments in other schools whilst doing supply and different things work for different schools. My only concern is that so much work goes into the profiles yet hardly any parents look at them! Last week we had parents’ evenings (I stayed to do them with the teacher who was leaving) and for the majority of the parents this was the only time they looked at the profiles, and this was because we sat there with them and made them!)

I had a jolt as I left on Wednesday – I had used my PPA time to get all my profiles up to date, including the assessments, when I found a huge stash of observations in a drawer, none of which were assessed or stuck into the profiles. I’m talking dozens of obs which now will have to be assessed by me and stuck in, even though some were months ago and will mean I have observations out of sync. There goes my weekend!



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