Settling In; Half Days Elsewhere

Post 31: 2-3 May 2017

Monday was a bank holiday (May Day) so only 2 days teaching in the Nursery class this week. I am still settling myself in, getting to familiarise myself with the routines etc. Not much has changed since I was last here in October but there are a few other things I have to do which weren’t done before, such as recording all key worker activities in a special book for evidence. I also get PPA which I wasn’t entirely sure I’d get, so that is a bonus!

Thursday – Friday 4-5 May 2017

Some pre-arranged work (I got the call last night at 4pm) for Thursday and Friday, my 1st extra work this term away from the nursery class. Only two half days (mornings) but better than nothing. It was for a Year 3 class in a school I have been to lots of times, fairly close to my home so a wee bit of a sleep in! I was actually looking forward to teaching today as it is now a novelty to teach the older children; nothing wrong with nursery, but the beauty of being available on Thu/Fri means I get to have a bit of variety.

I arrived at 8.05 and the TA (who I have worked with before) set me up for the morning. As it turned out I chose a good day to come: a team from the council had come to train the children how to ride scooters (it was road safety week). However they had cancelled the activity for after playtime so I used my initiative and checked the Maths books. We would carry on doing the lesson from yesterday which they did not finish.

The children remembered me from when I taught them last year, which was lovely. Straight into an assembly then out into the playground where they received the lesson. All I had to do was supervise and keep the children behaving. They really enjoyed scootering around the cones and obstacles! In the maths lesson I kept it as practical as possible (we learned about right angles) and their behaviour was great – the TA said they had been very calm and that was good for them. I actually met the teacher as she returned whilst I was marking the books. We had a chat about tomorrow.

Friday. Another assembly then a normal morning for the children – Maths then English. Again, a straightforward morning and no problems.

Pros and cons for working a half day: the obvious negative is that I only get a half-day’s pay; but the feeling of going home at 1 O’clock for an early start to the weekend is glorious!



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