Extra work…sometimes! And Half Term.

Post 33: last few weeks of May term.

So I obviously have regular work in one school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But for 2 weeks I haven’t been getting any work on the Thu/Fri. Now occasionally that has been my choice, but it does give me a slight worry in case it means it becomes a regular pattern (especially with half term coming up where I will have no income).

However, this school used me for extra supply over the last 2 weeks so at least I had 2 extra days of work and seeing as it was in my own nursery class I was very happy with that.

I have been asked quite a few times if I would apply for the job permanently but I keep refusing – it suits me at present to keep doing supply into next year. So it was a strange sensation seeing 10 candidates apply for the job last week. They had to have an interview than take a group of children for a lesson in the Reception class. The interviews went over 2 days. I said hello to a couple of them and didn’t envy their upcoming experiences! Eventually the school hired a young woman who will be taking over from me in September. She popped in the next day to briefly say hello. So it seems that they have taken my decision as final then!

On the last day of term I actually received a call (on the previous night – at 9.25pm!) to have a half day in Reception in a different school. Half a day is better than nothing, especially on the Friday as work is scarce when schools break up. An early start to the half term! I was last at this school back in the Autumn when they received a call to say they were getting Ofsted the next day. When I arrived this Friday there was a large banner saying the school had received ‘Good’. The other Reception teacher set me up with the activities for the morning. It was very straightforward and I even got to teach PE which I really enjoyed and the children participated well in. The children were actually a delight and I enjoyed my first ‘new’ school since the beginning of May.

It is half term now. I have brought home all of my profiles to make a start on the report writing. It is Wednesday as I write but I haven’t really got into my flow yet. Must try harder……..


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