Final Week.

Post 36: Week of 17-21 July 2017

If you read my last post you’ll see that I got a call to work on the final Friday. However, this school cancelled. I was assured however that they really liked me when I worked there a couple of weeks ago; this may be true, but it is the 2nd time they have cancelled on me….

Anyway, it was my final 3 days in the nursery class I have been teaching at since Easter. It was a fairly easy going week. Coincidentally the nursery class also finished on Wednesday, my last day (the rest of the school went until the Friday). Therefore we had a party on that day. Well, 2 parties – for the morning lot and afternoon lot. I was all partied out from the food and snacks. As the majority of our families come from non-white families we got a lovely array of home made cultural food from samosas to pakoras. Delicious!

And so my time has come to an end there.This school has been a constant for me in the last 3 years. I rarely take on long term placements but I feel so comfortable here and the staff are very supportive. I feel it is valuable experience to work here. But I won’t be back now I predict for a good while. The school have hired extra HLTAs so I suspect it will a rare occurrence for them to ask me, despite the HT saying to me on the way out that I should be back. She did also say to me that should I ever rethink my status as a supply teacher and want to go permanent again, I should contact them before I apply for anything else. That was really nice of her to say.

I did not feel any sadness at leaving. This is the third time I have officially left here anyway! There is still a kind of detachedness I get not being a ‘proper’ member of staff. So it was lovely getting a few gifts and a thank you card, but it’s not the same feeling I got when I left my other permanent posts.

I had no work on Thursday or Friday so that is my year finished. A period of no pay now beckons until I start getting work again, hopefully September but more likely October onwards. It’s always tricky for me but I’ve learned to budget for these summer months. The positives still outweigh the negatives as far as I’m concerned.

If you work in a school I hope you have a fantastic break. I’ve enjoyed writing these blogs and may continue to so next year again!



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